Bitten by a Dog? Here's Why You Need a Lawyer

The Center for Disease Control statistics says that 4.7 million dog bites happen every year in the US and that 800,000 of them result in medical attention being needed. Of course, the best thing is to try to lower the risk of being in this situation to start with. You should never approach dogs you do not know or ever provoke a dog in any way. 

You are unlikely to die from a dog bite or dog attack, and you actually have more chance of being killed in an air accident, with a gun, from heart disease or cancer, or in a natural disaster such as a cataclysmic storm.

However, you may well need medical attention, so how can a lawyer help you?

Establishing Non- Fault 

Working through the legalities 

Avoiding a court case

Fewer Errors

Establishing Non-Fault

The first thing a lawyer will have to do is establish that it was not your own fault that you were bitten by a dog. They will want to make sure that you did not provoke the dog in any way, as if there are witnesses that say you did, your claim is unlikely to be successful.

If the claim is proven and you are paid compensation, it seems that which state you live in can affect the amount you are awarded.

Working Through the legalities 

There are lots of legal matters involved in making a claim for a dog bite, and it is not something you should attempt yourself. A specialist personal injury lawyer will know exactly what needs to be done, and as most claims are covered by some form of insurance, they will understand the best way to present your claim to the insurers.

Avoiding a Court Case

A lawyer has a far better chance of reaching an out of court settlement. This means that your claim will not drag out so long simply because you will not have to wait for a court date. Of course, if an agreement cannot be reached, they will be there in court to support you all the way through the proceedings, but many claims never reach that far because of their quality negotiating skills.

Fewer Errors

It is too simple for the layperson to make an error in any type of compensation claim, and dog bite claims are no different. Using a lawyer means this is far less likely to happen as they will know exactly what evidence they need to proceed to a successful conclusion of your claim.

Being bitten by a dog is a stressful experience, especially if the bite is so bad that you have had to seek medical help. You should not put yourself through more stress and anxiety by trying to deal with the matter yourself. Find a good lawyer, and let them take all the hassle off your shoulders.